Prosperity (A Prosperity Novel) - Alexis Hall

This book is wonderful. Need I say more? :)
I was scared the language was going to be difficult to understand, but it wasn't - I only had to look up a couple of words, and even they were mostly understandable from context. And I really loved the style - the text sounded so fun in my head!
The story itself was great as well - there was lots of action, but also sweet, beautiful, slow moments in-between. I wouldn't call it a romance in the traditional sense, but it was still very romantic.

Even though there was no HEA for the MC, the ending felt right after everything that happened. And at least it left me feeling hopeful.

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It felt like the author had put much work into the world-building - I could see Prosperity quite clearly before my eyes. Of course, the characters were even more interesting - none of them quite "normal", but all so fascinating and multifaceted... I can't wait to read more stories taking place in this universe

, but especially about Dil and Byron

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