Storm Front - Jim Butcher

At first, I thought this was going to be a 4-star read, but at some point, things started to annoy me a bit too much. I wasn't convinced by Harry's reasoning for not telling Murphy anything - not about the maffiosos threatening him, not about Linda

(how could he not guess the murderer would come after her at some point?!)

(show spoiler)

, not when he thought he knew who the murderer was - and why did he only give such an abstract warning when Murphy was going through his office, not say precisely why it was not a good idea to open the drawer? All in order to "protect" her? Especially the thing about the White Council - why would they learn he had told her about them? Does he think Murphy incapable of keeping secrets?

Also, Murphy was a rather likable character, so why did the author make her an idiot who'd handcuff her longtime helper who was currently trying to save her life?

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Overall, the book was fast-paced and entertaining, and I've heard the series will get really good by the 4th book (or something), so I'll definitely continue, but I really hope events in the next book will make a lot more sense, because if not, I might not make it to the 4th.


PS. It was also kind of strange that the narrator kept breathing loudly into the mic, but I *think* it was intentional.