Grand Adventures - Rhys Ford, L.E.  Franks, Brandon Witt, Tinnean, Andrea Speed, Jaime Samms, Madison  Parker, Zahra Owens, Tempeste O'Riley, Moria McCain, Rowan McAllister, Garrett Leigh, Amy Lane, Mia Kerick, Dawn Kimberly Johnson, C.R. Guiliano, John  Goode, Phoenix Emrys, C.C. Dado, Shae

I didn't have the energy to review each of the stories, but below are the notes about some of my favourites. Overall, this was a nice anthology, and the idea and dedications behind it move it definitely into 4-star territory.


Wow, third story, "Twinkie Ignition" by J.E. Birk, made me laugh out loud and then even shed some tears, all in a few pages... Excellent!

"When Friendship Becomes More" by Sophie Bonaste was not unique (pretty classic friends to lovers), but I loved the atmosphere, and the MC was really cute (that style of carrying wood is definitely something I can relate to :-D).

And a fun insight into Roan and Dylan's everyday life is always appreciated, of course. :-)

I don't know what it is about Rhys Ford, but her stories really grab my attention. Cops and Comix was no exception - although I don't really like insta-love, it somehow worked here.

Amy Lane's story was a beautiful finish to the anthology - I'd love to read more about the MC's.