The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin

An excellent book from one of the greatest sci-fi authors of all time.
The story takes place in a futuristic, slightly dystopian world. The MC is a rather ordinary person who has a gift or a curse - his dreams affect reality. Since he has no control of their content, he's trying to turn them off by taking drugs, but for that, he's sent to therapy. Instead of trying to help the MC get rid of his problem, though, the doctor starts controlling the dreams via hypnosis, in order to change the world. Naturally, the results are skewed and unexpected. The MC's a rather passive person, but at some point, he has to find the strength of will to oppose the therapist. To make matters more interesting, there is a love story added.
The events are not too quick, but the book still grabs the reader's attention and leaves you wanting to see what happens next. I disliked the MC's passivity, but otherwise, really enjoyed the book, and recommend it to all sci-fi fans.