Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride - Heidi Cullinan This was quite an enjoyable read. The head-hopping between Gabriel and Arthur was a bit annoying (it often happened in the middle of a chapter, so it was sometimes hard to follow), but not too much. The story itself was quite sweet, with some angst in-between. I loved how the author handled the gender issues, as well as the question of what a library should be. I also used to spend quite some time in the library, and I loved how my parents (usually my father) used to read to me and my sisters when we were little, so the book brought some nice memories back... (also, yay for comics! - my favourites were the Asterix books)
If it weren't for the kinky M/M sex, I'd recommend this book to very many people - as it is, it will probably only have a small and specific readership, which is a pity, but I myself loved those parts as well, so I won't complain. ;)