For Real (A Spires Story) - Alexis Hall

As expected from Alexis Hall, this is an excellent and unusual romance. I love Toby's character - he feels insecure (which is natural, considering his age), but at the same time, has the will and courage to fight for what he wants, and recognises his strong sides and knows how to use them to his advantage. I love how Laurie finds beauty in things that other people might consider ugly (like Toby's acne - something that is really completely natural and often unavoidable). I love the fact that there are no artificially created misunderstandings between the MC's - just the level that you'd expect from to people with such different life experiences. I found Laurie a bit assholeish at the beginning, but his actions are somewhat understandable as well, since he's trying to protect himself from future heartache (and misguidedly tries to protect Toby). I especially identified with him towards the end - he was a bit condescending and parent-ish, but I have the same habit of offering solutions instead of listening, so I could very much understand him. I also loved how the author challenged the usual tropes about sub-and-dom-relationships - the sub that much older and more experienced, the dom doubting himself etc. It all felt very realistic (although I'm no expert, so that's just how it seemed to an outsider).
Also, I love lemon meringue pie, and I'm definitely going to try the recipe sometime in the near future. :)

This would have been almost perfect, but I reduced half a star because of the editing stuff - nothing major, but several sentences were missing a word and there were a couple of mistakes like "were" instead of "where" etc. I guess that's more the editor's fault than the author's, though, so well done again, Alexis Hall! Can't wait for his next book.