Played! - J.L. Merrow

This was a fun and entertaining read. Sometimes, I felt the brittishness of this book was a bit over-the-top, but most of the time, it was simply enjoyable. There were scenes where I just couldn't keep from laughing out loud, and scenes that made me hurt inside for the characters. Tristan didn't seem like a very nice person in the beginning, but deeper into the story, he started to show his softer sides. He was definitely a bit shallow and snobbish, but I just couldn't help liking him. The way the MC's kept dancing around each other started getting on my nerves a little towards the end, and I hated their defensive mechanisms keeping the other away, but other than that, it was a sweet, if very slow-burning romance, and by the end, made me feel warm inside. The ambience is very similar to "Pressure Head" by the same author, so if you enjoyed that one (which is one of my favourites by J.L. Merrow), you'll probably enjoy this as well. :)