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On the Clock - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov

If you're looking for monogamy in your romance, do not read this book. If you want some sizzling hot erotica, bundled with beautiful, believably developing romance with open communication and no unnecessary angst, this book is a must-read!
As I already commented in my update during the first quarter of the book, the sex scenes in this book were simply mind-blowing, quite on the same level with the first two Rolex books (and, to be honest, all Market Garden books). I think this is among the best erotica I have ever read.

Be warned - the next part is spoilerish, though nothing unexpected.

One of the MCs, Jason, has an unusual kink - he gets off on being paid for sex. Since Rolex (or Blake, as is his real name) is very generous with his money, but also likes negotiating, the two obviously clicked in the bedroom (and in the car, and on top of the car, and... well, you get the drift ;)). What I also enjoyed, though, was their spending time together outside of sex - the banter, listening to each other's past and life philosophy. Jason unexpectedly getting a flu forced them to sort of try to be a real couple for a while, and it clearly made them realise they were something more than a prostitute and a john. It's obvious that the relationship isn't going to be easy, but the HFN worked for me and I certainly see the possibility of a HEA coming at some point in the future. The main thing I'm kind of doubtful about is Blake's jealousy - kudos to him for accepting Jason's continued working at the Market Garden, but it was clear that at some points, when he knew Jason was with another client, he was jealous, and if that continues, it might destroy the relationship. I'm hoping, though, that the jealousy might fade when it's clear that he's the one who Jason actually cares about and that the others are simply clients.

A special thanks to the author for showing us Tristan and Jared again - they look like they're doing great. :)