Risk It All (Dance with the Devil) - Megan Derr

Megan Derr's books are my guilty pleasure. It got started because Dance with the Devil was the first M/M fantasy book I ever read (didn't even know they existed before that, I'd just seen slash fiction online), and I loved it. Her books follow more or less the same formula, with at least one of the characters thinking he's not good enough for the other MC and the other being a really forceful alpha and convincing him of their belonging together. I don't even actually like that sort of thing, but for some reason, in Megan Derr's books it just works for me. This one was no exception, although the instalove was a bit too instant for my liking.


I'd just really like to somehow convince LT3 Press to hire a proofreader - there are always so many typos and basic spelling errors in their books, and while they wouldn't be hard to fix, they always pull me out of the story.