A Matter of Time, Vol. 2 (#3 and #4) - Mary Calmes

The first volume, although rather unrealistic, was at least fun to read. This one, though, was simply horrible - first some stalking, then rape (picking up a drunken Jory, not caring about him saying no repeatedly and even physically trying to fight Sam off), Sam's family pressuring Jory to promise to stay with him, Sam telling Jory everything that he's not allowed to do... It all sounds like abuse, and still, Jory's perfectly happy with it! He states once, at some point late in the 4th book, that he doesn't like people making decisions for him - and yet he doesn't address it even once in conversation with Sam. We get the rape scene from Jory's point of view, and he happens to enjoy what Sam is doing, but I can't believe someone would actually think this is romantic and passionate, I kept picturing someone in the same situation who didn't want it to happen - how could Sam know which was the case? Or maybe he simply didn't care?

I'm giving this book more than 1 star simply for the writing that was exciting enough to make me continue reading after the rape - the mystery part was even quite good, although I figured it out long before the characters (except for the split personality twist). Still, this is the last book from "A Matter of Time" series I'll read, so I'm very happy I hadn't bought the whole series at the same time.