Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor The first half of the book was terrible, I was very close to not finishing - monotonous descriptions, the horrors of war (I've seen enough of that in the classics, thank you - although I guess it might be good to write something like this for the young people who won't read the classics), nothing really happening or changing... What disturbed me the most, though, was how Karou seemed to completely lack willpower, simply doing everything Thiago asked her to, never fighting back or thinking about the purpose (although there were hints that she suspected what the soldiers were doing). It didn't seem like her, at least as far as I remembered from the first book. And she was so unforgiving towards the ones who actually liked or even loved her (Akiva, Ziri), while simply forgetting or not caring what Thiago had done - it just didn't make sense.Luckily, I asked others who had read it if it gets better in the second half, got strong recommendations, and so read on. I agree - the second half is better than the first, and it ended with enough of a cliffhanger that I'll probably read the next part as well.Although I agree that objectively it is probably a good book, I can't give it more than 2 stars, because I really enjoyed only small parts of it, and it was a struggle to read some chapters. Hope the next one will be better, since the author actually writes quite well. :)