Concubine - Jill Knowles As most of the reviewers have said, the writing was good and the book was definitely hot, but I found the storyline unrealistic and lacking in character motivation.The main character accepted his new situation way too fast - even if he discovered that he's sexually compatible with his "owner", how could he forget so quickly that he was a prisoner in a foreign country, and didn't miss his home, family (yes, he hated his father, but what about his siblings etc) and friends at all? Why wouldn't he even meet his sister when she'd come to "rescue" him, to see a familiar face and explain why he doesn't want to return? (it was completely foreseeable what would happen otherwise, as it did)Also, especially after he'd been given access to the library, and considering Taren knew he was a scholar and an excellent tactician, how come their relationship still remained only about sex and intimacy? I kept waiting for the moment when Taren would accept him as an equal partner and, if not give him an active role in the government, at least discuss history, politics, tactics etc with him in their free time? But it never happened, and that epilogue wasn't believable either - it was simply silly, as a couple of others have said accurately.So, fun to read, but don't expect any depth from the story.