Blacker than Black - Rhi Etzweiler

A fascinating, original fantasy world, and a compelling story. Refreshingly, there's no love at first sight here, but a gradual growing of trust and love between two persons from very different backgrounds (a vampire - or, sorry, lyche - lord and a Nightwalker - someone who sells his energy (chi) to vampires on the street). Actually, this is more a mystery novel than a love story, although some parts of this mystery are left unsolved by the end of the book. Maybe the biggest problem I had was that since the world-building was rather original, I had a hard time figuring out what was going on, how the vampire hierarchy works etc. On the other hand, maybe this was intentional, since the MC didn't know much either, and was slowly discovering new information. Still, the tempo could have been a bit slower, with more things explained to the reader (like the hermaphrodite thing? it was only mentioned in passing, so I was left wondering about the implications). (spoiler here, highlight if you want to see)

Still, overall an exciting book with a new take on vampires - highly recommended, at least to urban fantasy lovers.