Fall For Me (The Rock Gods, #1) - Ann Lister I did kind of enjoy reading this book, but there were several things that bothered me:

First of all, the premise seems rather stupid - a rock star (Dagger) who's long known he's gay, but has to hide it, because it would destroy his career. This story seems to take place right now (there are smartphones present) - why would coming out as gay (or even bi, since he also has affairs with female groupies) damage a musician's career? This doesn't seem believable at all... Also, Dagger has lots of one-nighters with (male and female) fans - how could this have remained a secret for so long? It would make sense that at least one of them can't keep from leaking it to the media.

Secondly (spoilerish, but nothing unexpected), when it does become public, there seem to be no repercussions except for some closer media attention - there's no talk of fans (or band members) turning away from the band - to the contrary, it's hinted that thanks to the attention, they'll likely be even more popular now..

And thirdly (this is a full-blown spoiler), after Dagger breaks up with Ryan, accusing him of leaking the story, and even violently attacks him, breaking one of his ribs, Ryan is sad and withdrawn, but not angry at Dagger for not trusting him? And it only takes one small public apology after months of silence, and Ryan's right back with Dagger without any bad feelings? And they don't even discuss what had happened?! I mean, I can understand there has to be a HEA to such a romance story, but I don't understand why there'd be such a made-up conflict as I mentioned at first, and then the real conflict would be downplayed like this.

Considering also that there were some spelling and grammar mistakes, and the style was a bit clumsy, I simply couldn't give this book more than 2 stars. Still, I guess it's a nice light (and hot ;)) read, if you can suspend your disbelief to simply enjoy the story.