The Boy Who Belonged

The Boy Who Belonged - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I won this book in the giveaway at Attention is Arbitrary, so thanks to Lisa as well as the authors! :) It's especially good because otherwise I might never have discovered the series - I was a bit scared of trying [b:The Good Boy|17608095|The Good Boy (Boy, #1)|Lisa Henry||24566771] because I'd read there would be puppy play in the book and I didn't think I'd like it. Since I had the second book now, though, I had to read the first one as well, right?

At the beginning of the first book, [b:The Good Boy|17608095|The Good Boy (Boy, #1)|Lisa Henry||24566771], I wasn't even sure if I was going to like the series, since I hated Derek's and especially Brin's attitude and behaviour towards Landon. Soon, it got better though, and overall I greatly enjoyed the series. I liked that the characters were imperfect - Derek seemed a bit too calm and accommodating to Lane's needs at first, but in this book, the reader got to see his weaker side as well. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that although the story is mostly quite dark, there's some humor in this book (especially in the last chapters, but Mr Zimmermann provides some comic relief through the whole series).

Since some topics were left quite open, I hope the authors aren't done with these characters. In addition to seeing what will happen next, I'd love to read a prequel about how Brin and Ferg got together - I enjoyed reading about their relationship in [b:The Naughty Boy|17878369|The Naughty Boy (Boy, #1.5)|Lisa Henry||25035807].