Strawberries for Dessert

Strawberries for Dessert - Marie Sexton I usually don't read contemporary romance - I prefer fantasy or paranormal romance - but this book, I just couldn't help but adore. Although I'm a woman, it was very easy for me to empathise with Jon, and together with him, I fell in love with Cole. The book was exciting and enthralling, made me laugh and cry, and I just couldn't put it down before the end. I haven't read the previous parts in this series, and this didn't disturb me at all when reading this, but since the writing was so good, I'm thinking of trying the other ones as well.There's one thing that bothered me, though. In the beginning of the story, Cole and Jon had a big fight because Jon was asking Cole to change himself, and I can completely understand why that didn't go well - but I felt like in the second half of the book, when Cole was asking Jon to stop looking for work and just let Cole support him financially, Cole was asking Jon to change his personality, and this wasn't addressed at all in the book. Why was it still only Jon who had to realise his "mistake" and apologise to Cole? If Jon is the kind of person who doesn't want to live without working and being financially independent, why should he change that? I'm glad it worked out in the end though, and in a way that satisfied them both (and really, they could have resolved it much easier, if Jon had simply started to look for a job that could be done from home (anywhere in the world)).Edit: Turns out that after "Strawberries for Dessert", I've read lots of other contemporary M/M romances, but still remember this one with fondness. It's probably a good book to read if you haven't read many M/M stories before - at least for me, it was the beginning of a new favourite genre. :)