Return on Investment

Return on Investment - Aleksandr Voinov Another fantastic book from this author, just as expected!
The look into the financial world was interesting, although sadly I couldn't understand everything (the terminology was very specific, though there were some explanations if they could be worked into the story). The characters were fascinating, and while there was no real love triangle, I felt there were several options for who the MC would end up with, if anyone, and as the story progressed, it was fun to keep guessing (I actually rooted for Josh, but maybe it was best that they simply stayed good friends). Occasionally, I thought the MC shouldn't be that stupid (like giving the reports to Alec - would someone working in the sector really be that naive? I'd believe it more, if they'd known each other for longer before the request), but I guess it's always easier for an onlooker to see the whole picture, while people make many stupid mistakes in real life as well. These small things aside, the book grabbed my attention and held it until the end, so a well-written thriller.

PS. Although it should ideally be true for every book, it was still very nice to read something with clearly very thorough editing (at least I didn't notice any spelling errors or other such details that would detract from enjoyment of the story).