Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux I didn't like the plot developments in this book - especially the repetition of the Sookie Stackhouse thing. I think it was incredibly selfish of Zane to expect Ty to tell him the state secrets which he's sworn to protect (with probably the threat of going to jail if he exposes them?). Also, if before, there was so much talk about seeing his partner's feelings in his eyes and actions, not only words, why would he instantly think that the feelings were a lie? I think it was more understandable for Sookie, since Bill was sent to her explicitly to seduce her, but in this case, it was pure work - Ty wasn't required to build a romantic relationship with Zane. Together with the Voodoo topic, the "fate" of Ty and Zane meeting again, and all the conspiracies inside conspiracies inside conspiracies, I felt the book was completely unrealistic - and even though I was crying for part of the story, so obviously it affected me emotionally, most of the time I simply thought Zane was an idiot. So, no more than 2 stars from me... Hopefully the next part is better.